Production capacity

Processing workshop equipment

The machining workshop is equipped with a gantry machining center (maximum processing length of 4 meters, width 2 meters, and height of 0.8 meters), boring machine (capable of processing high-precision workpieces), horizontal machining center, vertical machining center (maximum processing length 1.8 meters wide and 0.9 meters wide workpiece), as well as a grinder, radial drill, one quenching machine (heat treatment), three coordinates (inspection of machining accuracy), etc.

Processing workshop equipment


We have senior mold structure engineers, who can provide professional mold design solutions according to customer requirements, and provide mold flow analysis and evaluation to ensure product quality and mold life.


We adopts advanced furan resin sand casting process, uses high quality gray iron (HT200 - HT350) material and ductile iron (QT400 - QT900) material to manufacture products, and controls quality throughout the process to meet design requirements.

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