Production capacity

Physical and chemical analysis and testing

Physical and chemical analysis and testing

Resin sand testing

Tensile strength, hardness, loss on ignition

Micro powder amount

Manual chemical composition detection of raw materials

Casting detection

Hardness, metallography, tensile strength, composition

Major equipment

Spectrum analyzer, tensile strength tester, desktop microscope, portable microscope, Shore hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, SX series box-type resistance furnace, electromagnetic microseismic sand screening machine, XQY intelligent sand strength tester, 101-A type number Explicit electric heating constant temperature drying oven, CET intelligent gas evolution tester, ultrasonic flaw detector.

Manual assay equipment

Analytical balance, tray balance, 723 spectrophotometer, carbon sulfur titrator, resistance furnace, temperature controller and other equipment.

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