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Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Everything is based on user value

Focus on long-term development, and do not harm user value due to commercial interests;
Pay attention to and deeply understand the needs of users, and continue to meet customer needs with excellent products and services;
Attach importance to emotional communication with customers, respect customer feelings, and grow together with customers.

Caring about employee growth

Provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism;
Improve the employee training system and career development channels, so that employees can enjoy the happiness of growing up with the company;
Fully respect and trust employees, continue to guide and encourage them, so that they can achieve the joy of achievement.

Attach importance to the cultivation of talents

Keboer always regards talents as the first wealth and attaches great importance to the cultivation of people;
Talent training is based on the concept of serving the company's strategy and corporate culture construction;
Promote the common growth of employees and the company by helping employees improve their work performance and personal capabilities.